The Universe Cantos (2021) Lubbock Symphony Orchestra, David Cho, conductor

Canto I Coriolis Storm of Stars 0:00

Canto II A Rose of Galaxies 5:50

Canto III The Three Pillars of Creation 13:20

Canto IV Star-rise on the Galactic Cathedral 21:20

Canto V Coriolis Arises 30:30

If easier to view score and hear individual movements, see below.

Firedance (Wind Ensemble) Middle Tennessee State University, Reed Thomas, conductor

Piano Quartet (2016) Ames Piano Quartet

I. Vivace

II. Allegretto giocoso

III. Lento e mesto; Finale: Presto

Piano Concerto (in three movements), Premiere for October 2020 was cancelled due to the pandemic. MIDI recordings only.


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Mvmnt. II starts on pg. 27; Mvmnt. III on pg. 42

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Primordial (for large orchestra) TTU Symphony Orchestra, Philip Mann, conductor

Universe Cantos—individual movements, audio only